I believe in the following:

I believe in management of city programs and services within a balanced budget and without incurring debt.

I believe that the city’s strategic plans should drive the budget allocation and expenditure.Raghu 2 211x300 Philosophy

I believe in small government with limited regulations.

I believe in scientific data-based decision making.

I believe in solving problems while respectfully listening to and working with everyone.

I believe in expanding citizen involvement in city governance.

I believe in transparency and accountability in all city decision-making processes.

I believe in low taxes.  I am opposed to any tax increases.

I believe in freedom, liberty and the land of opportunity.

I believe in following the U.S. Constitution.


I am an independent thinker, community team builder and a results-oriented leader.


I will restore civility, trust and openness to Laguna Hills City Council governance.


I commit to provide responsive, respectful and responsible leadership at the Laguna Hills City Council for the good of all residents and businesses.